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October 23, 2011

Girl’s Guide to Homelessness by Brianna Karp – Part 2

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Reading + Q&A session with Brianna Karp, author THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO HOMELESSNESS at the Katie Wheeler Public Library in Irvine, CA, October 16, 2011


Brianna made a big impression on me with her memoir about becoming homeless after losing her job at the age of 23.* She has an unforgettable and inspirational can-do attitude of self-sufficiency. If ever there was an unsinkable Molly Brown who can make lemonade on a moment’s notice when the world hands her a lemon, this girl is it.

About half the crowd who showed up had read GGH and brought copies for signing. The other half had curiousity piqued by flyers the library distributed. Some had experienced homelessness themselves. Brianna fielded some tough questions and handled herself with grace and honesty.

Left to Right: Michael Armas, Brianna, Nadya Iotova, Adult Services Librarian

Many thanks to the beautiful Irvine Katie Wheeler Library!

 See my previous post on Brianna here:’s-guide-to-homelessness-and-how-to-make-49-78-last/



  1. Cool. Definitely something I would have gone too. I’m glad it came off well.

    Comment by Charles Gramlich — October 23, 2011 @ 4:55 pm

  2. way to go, brianna… always glad to hear tragedies that turn out well 🙂

    Comment by laughingwolf — October 23, 2011 @ 5:46 pm

  3. Hi guys, here’s the link to Brianna’s website and blog.

    Comment by ashedit — October 23, 2011 @ 7:13 pm

  4. I’ll check out her site. Nice uplifting post.

    Comment by oscar case — October 26, 2011 @ 1:45 pm

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