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June 26, 2017

Elaine’s Big Shoot

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Elaine Head '17On Thursday I’ll be shooting a lengthy interview with the Author Learning Center. They discovered Bestseller Metrics all on their own and contacted me about being a “featured expert” on their site (if all goes well, of course). I can even use their professionally produced clips from the shoot once they get edited, at no cost.

Believe me there’s more to this than meets the eye. The helpful on-camera tips they sent (below) mean my new outfit is out the window. No white jacket, which “glows” on video. Back to the closet for outfit two!

Tips For On Camera Appearances.  (Copyright Author Learning Center 2017)

You’ll be wearing a microphone – Be aware that a lavaliere or lapel microphone is attached to your clothing. Keep that in mind when choosing your outfit.

Focus: While on camera, focus on the person interviewing you or the camera person. Do not look straight into the camera. Pictured below: The set for the shoot.

TidesAdditional Tips:

  •  Bring water, as you might find your mouth gets dry when nervous.
  •  Bring your book or other promotional items in the event that you get a chance to showcase it on camera.

1. Tone: Casual. No need for suits. The idea is that the audience is getting to connect with you personally.

  1. Clothing Patterns: Wear a solid colored outfit, nothing with wild patterns (especially tight patterns like pin stripes or hounds-tooth, which can cause optical illusions on screen, or busy patterns and shapes – they draw the audience’s attention to the outfit instead of you).

    Clothing Color:

    1. Pick a color for your clothing that isn’t the same color as the background you’ll be sitting in front of (no pink tops in front of a pink wall).
    2. Avoid wearing black, white, bright orange or bright reds (white glows, black can wash you out, red is too saturated and can bleed into other parts of the picture, giving the same effect as they can bleed in your wash). These colors can cause problems on video.
    3. The best solid-color shirts are: blue, beige, off-white, etc. If you wear a bright white shirt or blouse, make sure to wear a darker jacket over it.
    4. Avoid too much bright to dark contrast – either the bright or dark color loses detail. For instance, pure black and navy blue clothing will lose all detail and appear like a solid dark blob.
    5. For men: If you’ll be wearing a tie, simple is best – Bring several options. Avoid complex patterns, thin lines, or bright reds and oranges.

      Tip: Presidential Candidates always stand in front of a royal blue curtain background because that color happens to be the most flattering to most skin tones – It literally makes you “pop” out of the background. It’s also a good color to wear close to your skin. A royal blue blouse or shirt will make you look terrific.


      Interesting huh? Tomorrow I’ll post the interview questions they’ve prepared for me.



  1. OK, royal blue — my new go-to color!

    Comment by 3 no 7 — June 26, 2017 @ 8:32 am

  2. Sounds very cool. Congrats!

    Comment by Charles Gramlich — June 27, 2017 @ 7:32 am

  3. Thanks Charles.

    Comment by ashedit — June 27, 2017 @ 7:50 am

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