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July 7, 2017

Book Distribution News

Baker and taylorI was thrilled to hear that a librarian in the the great state of New Jersey had already ordered Bestseller Metrics: How to Win the Novel Writing Game. But when I hopped over to Amazon, the sale was not showing. Neither was it showing on Create Space, where this workbook-sized paperback is published. I admit, dark thoughts of piracy and theft bubbled in my mind, but caution prevailed.

I called the helpful-and-instantly-available support staff at Create Space and ran my story past them. It was explained that when the book was published, I had chosen “Expanded Distribution,” qualifying Bestseller Metrics to be listed with distribution giants Baker and Taylor, Ingram, and Barnes and Noble. How about that, huh?Print

There is one caveat to this fantastic perk, however; royalties are tabulated 30 days after Barnesthe production of the book, unlike a sale on Amazon or Create Space, which shows within hours.

Mystery solved with a happy ending.


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